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brewCalc is a recipe formulation tool, a brewing calculator and evaluation tool all in one. brewCalc has been completely re-written using the Trolltech QT-4 toolkit, this means that it can be run on Windows. It took a while to come to grips with QT-4 and its way of doing things but after some trial and error I'm getting on top of it.

brewCalc 1.1 released

This release contains minor bug fixes and enhancements
  • Fixed a problem loading a brew where the loaded file wasn't being correctly added to the map
  • Mashsteps mash profile option now can update the main table with the new calculated data
  • The saved beerfile now has doubles formatted to the corrrect precision, e.g specific gravity

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brewCalc is also available via CVS.


Things to be done

  1. Update documentation on web page, its a little bit dated
  2. Get a correct Windows install package built
  3. Clean up some of the code
  4. The printing of the beer needs a clean up and work over

brewCalc is in intermittant development but any change requests or ideas to make it better can be forwarded to


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