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brewCalc is built using the new QT version 4 toolkit from Trolltech It will not work with the old QT version 3 as version 4 has almost had a complete change in direction when compared to the older version. It also has the advantage of being available for Windows under an open source development model.

To obtain the version 4 of QT you require, the following downloads are available
  1. Windows
  2. Linux, UNIX / X11
The Windows version is available as an executable installer whereas the X11 version will have to compiled from source.

How To Install Build and Install brewCalc

Simply, set the BREWCALC_DIR environment variable to whereever you want to install brewCalc. run qmake, make them make install.
For example to install in the /usr/local/ directory do:
    export BREWCALC_DIR=/usr/local
    make install
You're now ready to go ! The installation program will install a default preferences file and some basic ingredients in you home directory. It will also install a set sample beer and some icons in the installation directory.

NOTE: Currently the windows make install doesn't work if you are using a path that uses windows long filenames like c:\Documents and Settings. This is because qmake doesn't handle filenames with spaces in them. Here are the procedures if you have to do a manual install under windows:

  1. make a folder in your home directory (%%HOMEPATH%) called .brewCalc
  2. from the build directory copy files/brewCalcPref.xml and files/ingredients.xml to the .brewCalc directory you just created
  3. make a directory and copy the release/brewCalc.exe file from the build directory
Hopefully this will rectified in a later build or release of qmake


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